Adelaide Vegans

Pure Vegetarian

Vegan optionsⓋ All food and drinks are vegan.
AddressShop 8, Market Plaza Food Court, Central Markets, Adelaide
Opening HoursMonday 10.30am-3pm
Tuesday 10.30am-3pm
Wednesday 10.30am-3pm
Thursday 10.30am-3pm
Friday 10.30am-9pm
Saturday 10.30am-3pm

Pure vegetarian, A.K.A. Mr Soybean, gives you tasty vegan food in a hurry. On the menu are tasty asian dishes such as rice or noodles with eggplant curry, sweet and sour gluten, broccoli stirfry, vegetable balls, spring rolls and green sago pudding for dessert. Great place for a cheap meal ($8.30 for 3 choices + soy milk drink) if you don't mind the noise of the markets.