Adelaide Vegans


Sally Jordan-Peck

Ⓥ Vegan since 18 Apr 2013

I love food and experimenting with cooking. I also love sci-fi and fantasy and spend WAY too much time by myself.

Anne and Robert Sanders

Ⓥ Vegan since 2010

Born in UK. Vegetarian for decades, now as close to vegan as possible. On Committee for Vegetarian and Vegan Society (VegSA) Inc.

This is a profile for bothAnne and Robert Sanders. VegSA organisers and really nice people.

Sharon Summers

Ⓥ Vegan since 2016

Veganism has given me a renewed passion for cooking. Learning to create diary and meat replacement food (to gently persuade my non vegan friends). but having lots of failures (on the food side).

Sue Voice

Ⓥ Vegan since 2005

I have been vegetarian for 35 years and vegan for about 13. My passion is animals and am owned by many. my heart.I am a foster carer for rabbits, possums, kittens and guinea pigs and love when they find forever homes.